Friends of Rotary

Rotarians and volunteers at the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program, 30 August 2013


What is Friends of Noosa Rotary Club?
What are the benefits? What does it cost? 


   "Friends of Noosa Rotary Club" is a program that invites businesses/individuals to be associated with Noosa Rotary for one year, two years or forever!

    Becoming a Friend of Noosa Rotary Club allows those who share our ideals and objectives to participate in our activities without the responsibility (or the benefits) full membership, but it does allow contribution to the community and to our events as you are available. As a matter of fact there are many people who would qualify for membership but simply do not have sufficient time or ability through work to attend our Monday evening meetings.

     Being a Friend of Noosa Rotary Club allows you to help in local fund raising by participating in club events or by making some contribution. Some club events are not specifically for fund raising but are for socialising; Rotarians call this fellowship, an opportunity to enjoy activities and each other's company, catch up with old friends and make or develop new ones.

     Being a Friend of Noosa Rotary Club allows you to network your business activities with thousands of Rotarians around the world and in Australia who may be full members of Rotary and share in vocational ideas and business linkages.

Benefits of Friends of Noosa Rotary Club

Aids local community agencies, educational projects, scholarships and international humanitarian projects.

  A way for those who cannot make weekly Rotary meetings to feel involved in the effort to provide for the community.

  Can be a stepping stone for someone who wants to invest in the well-being of the community but does not know a lot about Rotary.

  Meet with Noosa Rotary whenever you like.

  Can lead to full time Rotary Membership.

                                          Annual Cost is NIL

                                         For More Information
                              Please contact Noosa Rotary here


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